Decentralized Nursing System

High Technologies for low economies

Nursing system based on mobile phone application and Bluetooth detectors, connected to cell phones.

Poor countries are not able to equip their hospitals with modern systems of digital nursing. Mistakes in medicine injections are 80% of malpractice all over the world. Shortage in educated healthcare professionals causes overloading doctors or nurses and probability of losing control over cure processes.

Speak with a coach

Send and receive messages

Practice self care

Receive alarm signals from patients and automatic detectors

Get medication help

See and follow own personal treatment plan

Talk to a therapist

Call nurse/doctor

The solution exists!

We created DigiCure and we able to provide our customers (Hospitals, government) with cheap digital nurse support decentralized system including hardware and software based on Bluetooth technology and mobile phones.

A team of experts behind every interaction

We started pilot projects in Middle Asia Tajikistan and Turkey in country hospitals. We get positive feedback from staff and patients